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There are so many ways to get involved with your community and help support the mission of the YMCA!

Whether it’s volunteering, donating your time, talent or treasures or furthering your career path, there truly is something for everyone here at the YMCA!



Volunteering with the YMCA is a great way to share your skills, learn new skills and build new friendships. There are many benefits to volunteering, from knowing that you’re making a contribution to your local community, to enhancing your CV and job prospects.

Given that Sunderland, and the entire country continue to face one of the toughest economic situations we have seen in decades. It’s difficult for us to do the best job that we can and offer quality services using paid staff members only. They are dedicated and have the heart, but we can’t do it alone. It’s a massive job considering the growing number of people who need shelter, food, and clothing and updated training skills. That’s where volunteers can play a big role.

You may feel that you don’t have the time to volunteer because of all of the demands on your time already. But just giving four hours per month can be a rewarding experience. Not only for the person you help, but for yourself as well. Our volunteers at Sunderland YMCA are friends and partners in our mission.

If you are interested and would like to know more about volunteering at Sunderland YMCA, please get in contact with us for an informal chat.

Funders, Partners & Supporters

As we face recession and an increasingly competitive funding environment, it is now more important than ever to plan effectively for our future income. If we don’t there is a real risk that our income will fall and our clients and services may suffer.

There is clear evidence to suggest that each area of fundraising for the YMCA will continue to be affected differently by the economic slowdown. We have already seen that Community fundraising will be impacted differently from legacy income or from trust fundraising. Our fundraising strategy takes this into account. In particular, we at the YMCA understand that there is a need to diversify income streams and to reduce dependence on those areas which are or will be most affected by the downturn.

However, successful fundraising is still possible in a recession. We have many years’ experience of applying for funding and been successful as well. By the YMCA acting now we hope we will be in a stronger position to benefit from the eventual economic recovery.

We are entirely grateful for the funding received from Organisations that currently support our work and these are listed below:

Sir James Knott Trust, Ballinger Trust, Gentoo ASPIRE, Sunderland City Council, Hadrian Trust, Springboard, Durham Works, The Wise Group, YMCA North East Discretionary Fund, Fresh Ideas, Sainsbury’s.



There are currently no employment opportunities with us. Please try again soon.

The Order of The Red Triangle continued…..

Look at this beautiful medal 🏅 😇 Still awarded today, this prestigious award was given to those who dedicated ‘above and beyond’ to services within the YMCA and we have the privilege of receiving a medal from a family member of one such amazing person.

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A new era for young people

A new era for young people

YMCA urges government to deliver ‘new era for young people’ ahead of General Election
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