YMCA Youth Education ‘The Hub’

YMCA Youth Education – The Hub provides and supports opportunities that enable young people and adults to develop their personal and social skills, contribute positively to their communities and make informed choices, whilst engaging in the transition to responsible adulthood in regards to the young people. Our work is based on the voluntary nature of the relationships we build with young people and adults of surrounding areas, focusing particularly in areas of higher relative social deprivation.


We work in partnership with the voluntary sector and local communities to build capacity and enable them to provide opportunities for young people and adults of the area.

  • We work with 8-19 year olds and up to 25 years for those with special needs in the case of our youth work and there is no upper limit on who we work with.


  • We deliver quality universal Youth and Community work. This includes informal ALTERNATIVE education, skill development and training young people and adults to take an active part in decision making in their communities (for example through volunteering and community development projects.


  • We welcome all young people and adults including those who are ‘at risk’ or who have complex needs. We tailor our work to meet the needs of the service users we work with, helping to ensure that vulnerable people can take an active part in community life, alongside their peers.


Contact information:

Leesa Lee (Training & Development Manager)

YMCA Youth Education – The Hub
Units 8 & 9 South Burns
County Durham
Tyne and Wear

Tel: 0191 3670135

Email: leesa.lee@sunderlandymca.co.uk

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The Order of The Red Triangle continued…..

Look at this beautiful medal 🏅 😇 Still awarded today, this prestigious award was given to those who dedicated ‘above and beyond’ to services within the YMCA and we have the privilege of receiving a medal from a family member of one such amazing person.

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