Harvester, Fence Houses

Our Big and Beautiful Seven Bed House

Houghton-le-spring, DH4 6LP | tel: 0191 7317720 | e: housingharvester@sunderlandymca.co.uk

What we offer at The Harvester


This is one of our Specialised Supported accommodation places that is tailored for 16 to 21 years old,  open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our dedicated team of Housing Support staff. We also have a network of support services in place that provides our Young People with even more around the clock support from other external organisations to give that vital support network that some residents might need.

Apartments at The Harvester


Our refurbished detached stunning building has been designed with Young People in mind and also their input to certain specifications; why build something a Young Person wouldn’t like we thought !.

Tucked in a cosy corner of Fence Houses, the 7 fully furnished individual apartments are complete with fitted bathrooms with spacious walk in shower cubicles, complimented by shared kitchens complete with all the necessary appliances such as washing machine, Hob, Cooker, Fridge Freezer, toaster and much more to ensure all our residents are cosy and comfortable. 

Your own Front Door 

How cosy is it that all our Young People not only have their own front door, but also have their own ‘door mat’……  just a start to ‘making home’.

The Importance of housekeeping

All out apartments have their own door number too and each Young Person has their own access key so that they have complete privacy from other residents.  Weekly room inspections also encourage everyone to take pride in their rooms and regular cleaning routines are promoted by staff to again make sure our Young People not only appreciate the simple things in life but understand the importance of cleanliness.

Cosy Communal Areas 

A place were we all come together for a delicious cooked meal, pizza night, games evenings or just a cosy chat; all our Young People like this space and why not.

Welcome Packs for everyone

Each apartment welcomes every Young Person with their own individual ‘welcome food parcel‘ to ensure they make a good start in their new ‘home’.  This followed by more regular parcels and the odd pizza night too !

Young People support is our aim in life!


All our Young People have our fully dedicated Support Staff in place 24 hours a day to talk and listen whenever they need it, often disguised as informal chats through the regular cooking sessions, who doesn’t feel better after a good hearty meal?

We also encourage learning life skills to ensure our young People can live happy and independent along withe vital guidance and technical advice when it comes to helping make a start on the career path, such as  drafting Curriculum Vitae’s for potential apprenticeships or job applications.

Many of our Young People often need to take part in important meetings where our Support Team are always at hand if needed.  All Young People are supported and encouraged to register with local GP’s, Dentist and Opticians to ensure good standards of health care.

Also, our Support Team give assistance and guidance with completing and filing any and all available benefit claims that each Young Persons is entitled too, ensuring that they have a fair standard of living.  When necessary, our Support staff are on hand 24/7 to help our Young People refer to other external services such as YDAP, CYPS CHAMS.

Team to Social Worker and back….

All our Support Staff understand the importance of communication and know the benefits of Team Work.  As such all staff monitor and update not only the YMCA Harvester’s entire staffing team but also send timely and relevant updates on the service users to their Social Workers.  Also, staff are at hand to facilitate any meetings at Harvesters, making a fab cup of tea when the situation calls for it.

“Young People matter”

At YMCA Harvester, we encourage individual and group activities within which our trained and dedicated staff use as a conduit to communicate and relate to our young people for any and all matters within their lives that may need attention, focus and guidance to ensure a positive outcome.  From anything to drumming sessions, hairdressing skills and home baking and cooking too, the young people are the centre of attention and  foremost in everything we do.

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