YMCA Wearside – RoomSponsor

YMCA England & Wales are calling for RoomSponsors on behalf of YMCA Wearside Ltd, where donations given will help towards the homelessness of our Young People today.

Together, we’re all hoping to make a difference to a Young Person’s life and help them to get off the streets and make a real start to living life.  Your local area will benefit from the funds that Roomsponsors donate and ensure that Young People sleeping rough on the streets will have a safe place to call home.

Every penny helps in a massive way and your generosity will go a long way to providing safe and supported accommodation for Young People who find themselves out in the cold with little hope of moving on in life.  To give a roof over their head and a warm bed to sleep in will mean the world to them.


You can make a difference

Can you believe that with the passing of each hour of your day, a young person becomes homeless.  Many face a difficult and unknow future and need help and support to make the right choices and turn their lives around.

Follow our link logo below to become a RoomSponsor today 🙂

Make a Young Person's life better

Changing a life full of challenges isn’t something that can happen overnight, so here at the YMCA we depend on regular gifts from our Roomsponsors to help our Young People who are struggling with every day life.

Becoming A Roomsponsor

Once you’re signed up to be a Roomsponsor, firstly thank you so very much for taking the time to help a Young Person!

Then you will receive regular feedback from the Young People who are turning their lives around with the help of your kind donation.

You will also receive a welcome pack and a thank you gift.

See our statistics for the RoomSponsor partnership